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With all of the product launches and Kickstarter campaigns that we have run to date, we have definitely received a lot of feedback from thousands of satisfied customers! Here's what some people have said about their purchases:

"Best IEMs I have tried - period!" 

"Simply the best earbuds that I have ever bought."

"Superb craftsmanship."

"These headphones blew me away and have continued to do so since I got them; I cannot recommend them strongly enough."

"Amazing sound from such an affordable earphone."

"One of the few things that I have ever bought that felt like I was getting more than my money's worth."

"Stunning sound and perfect build."

"Great sound, build quality and customer service. What more do you need?"

"Do yourself a favor and invest in these little beauties"

"Look brilliant, but sound even better!"


Additionally, we have received a great deal of publicity. Check out these big-time outlets that have raved about our various earbud products!

"...I was amazed to see their line of audio engineering products which ranges from their original series and the upgraded phantom series. What is really cool is that they come with filters which enhance the audio, tailored to the individual's taste."

-Gotham Chanda, Engadget


"These tuneable wireless earbuds are an important development for the audiophiles of this world, as they prove that you can absolutely have premium sound quality from a wireless package."

 - Rahul Kalvapallé, Trend Hunter




Additional press for Trinity Audio includes the following outlets.