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As many of you are aware and have already taken part in, we offer many of our products for pre order whether that be in development stage or pre production.

In return for your pre order we always offer very large discounts for supporting us early, however this can mean that from time to time specifications can change, but only if they are for the better which in turn means you get a better product and yes it can also mean delays.

Pre orders are a two way street in that your early support helps us immensely and in return you get a massive saving over the retail price.

So with that being said we have decided that we need to outline what can possibly be involved with a pre order and that by placing a pre order you accept these terms.

  • For all pre-order products that are production ready (pre production) then the specification won't change (unless stated in the product page) however dependant on volume of orders we can go from shipping on time up to as much as 45 days or l later than the indicated approximate shipping time.
  • For all products that are in development stage then many aspects are subject to change (only for improvements) and dependant on the changes required the estimated ship time could be extended anywhere up to six months.
  • Any product offered for pre order will show in the product page if it is a pre production unit (production ready) or an in development product (not production ready).
  • By placing your pre order you agree to the above in return for a substantial discount and cancellations/refunds are not possible.
  • Special pre order pricing is not available to the general public and is only available to those on our email list or previous crowdfunding backers.
  • If any of the above is unacceptable to you DO NOT place a pre order.

Trinity Audio is committed to providing the most high end products for a lower budget price and by being a community supported company we can continue to provide some of the best audio gear on the market.