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About Us

Trinity Audio was born out of frustration. Frustration of working with others that didn’t have the same vision of what great audio could be. Our designer and engineers decided that the time was right in 2014 to take a leap and start Trinity Audio.

Development on our first products began back in early 2014 with the simple goal of engineering great-sounding audio without the premium price tag. Initial development took between 6-9 months. These initial steps were extremely exciting, yet nerve wrecking, as we had all based our futures on our initial models. These models would go on to lay the foundation for the future of Trinity. 

Since our beginning in 2014, we have strived to improve ourselves constantly. In many areas we succeeded, and in others we've faced some tough lessons along our journey. However, getting things wrong every now and again is a good thing in some ways (doesn’t seem like it at the time though) as you learn what your weaknesses are, what did you build great, what did you build wrong, what you can improve on and how to do it.

We spent a significant amount of time working with the audio community, refining and fine-tuning our products. This drastically helped us to lay a great foundation for progression. The audio community is a tough bunch, and they do not let ANY audio manufacturer get away with a bad product (trust us on this, we got it wrong just once and oh boy did we know it). However, many say that the best education comes from the School of Hard Knocks, and this statement could not be more true.

So 2017 marks the start of a new way of doing things for Trinity. We have overhauled our complete lineup of in-ear headphone models. We have incorporated a new tough cable system that is extremely durable, yet pliable and soft to touch and wear. We have switched manufacturing processes and added additional tuning via our filter tuning system. We have improved the visual look and ergonomics of our products and made them so they are customisable via face plates (on compatible models) to make them more customizable for the users' preferred taste. We are introducing some new sound signatures that really showcase what we are capable of doing, given enough development time.

We have never been a company that likes to make too many goals for the future, as we would rather let what we develop be the guiding star for what the next steps should be. Our brand is starting to get recognized more widely, and we are represented in 9 countries so far with a 20+ network of dealers that is growing rapidly. Our only goal is for more people to experience what we can now offer and understand that great audio does not have to cost the same as a secondhand car.
We are so excited to have you join us as we move forward on this incredible journey towards the perfect audio technology.