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Update time

Update again!

The Phantom Air is due to come out of colouring tomorrow at which time the final assembly will begin. As soon as the assembly has been done they will be moved from manufacturing to distribution points in the UK and USA and will start shipping. Shipping will be in pledge level order.
Some of you seemed unsure if the charger was included and can confirm that the portable charging unit does come with them as standard.
So in a little over 7 working days we will be shipping and look forward to everyones feedback.

Now for the Master 6 and Hunter. The Hunter is finished and is being shipped from manufacturing to distribution in the UK and USA. This takes 3-5 days and they will ship out. We will start loading new images onto our site along with some videos of how we coloured the heat treated versions, so you can see how its all done and how we make them individual as possible.

The Master 6 is a couple of days behind due to the 3 screws that we had received not being the correct thread size (the ones that hold the casing together). These are expected in tomorrow and we will finish the final assembly and again they will be moved and then shipped.

We are immensely happy with both the Master 6 and Hunter and look forward to you all receiving them.

The Atlas Delta and Delta have all been completed and are currently being moved from manufacturing to distribution. This takes 3-5 days (2 have already passed) days and then we will start shipping them out.

Please note that we have 3800+ of orders to get out the door and as much as we would wish too they won't all ship in 1 day, so please be patient while we get them all shipped out.

We want to thank each and everyone of you for your amazing patience and understanding, you have for the most part shown real support and determination to support us.

We know we have ran behind with this current run of pre-orders and assure you that the ONLY reason we have taken so long is to deliver the best possible product we possibly can.

As you are all probably sick of shameless plugs for our gear , we thought you would all appreciate another for our new ICARUS III details of which you can find HERE
Please no hate mail , it makes us cry.

Again we have listed discount codes below.

  • HEADFIMEMBERS01 - 20% off for all head-fi.org members
  • KICKSTARTERPHANTOMBACKERS - 35% off for all of those who backed the most recent Phantom Air/Master 6 campaign
  • TRADEUPPROGRAM - For use on the new master. Can only be used by previous customers.

Well thats it for now, at last stuff is shipping and we are finally happy with the end result.... exhausted, stressed out but all the support, the pain, the highs, the lows, the haters and the lovers of Trinity have made this a journey not to be forgotten for a long time.

They say good things come to those that wait, well you guys have waiting long enough....ENJOY!

Trinity Audio Engineering