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Dear Customers and Backers,

Its time for a Trinity update and this one is pretty packed with info!

Master and Icarus III

Thank you to all of you that have provided feedback on the Master and Icarus III so far, its always great to hear such positive feedback. For those that have not received their Icarus III, all UK, EU and rest of the world Icarus III have been shipped and there us just a handful of USA order left that will ship on Monday.

Discount codes

Well as many of you know we recently announced the stopping of our discount codes and our headphone (Phoenix) is our last big pre-order discount. We have been listening and many think this unfair or silly but the reality is that as Trinity has grown and so have the costs and offering such huge discounts does not work for the future of Trinity. Having said that the Head-Fi discount code will stay in effect for the foreseeable future and we will issue a special code for backers shortly offering the same discount as Head-fi.org members.

Now lets answer some pre-order/kickstarter questions like, where is my Phantom Air, Master 6, Hunter, Delta or Atlas Delta?!

  • We have shipped 928 Hunters globally leaving just 72 left to finishing building and ship (will ship within 21 days)
  • We have shipped 792 Master 6 (pre order and kickstarter) globally leaving 208 left to finish and ship (will ship within 21 days)
  • We have only 58 Delta to ship and have emailed those 58 offering upgrade options
  • We have only 176 Atlas Delta upgrades to ship and should take less than a week to ship
  • We have shipped the updated Phantom Air to select backers for testing and evaluation and all reports are now back and we will begin shipping again once all updated units are back from our manufacturing partner which will take 7-10 days from today.

So thats all for now and as you can see from above we are almost back on track. We have had some major mountains to climb over these past 6 months and feel positive about the future.

Thank you to all our supporters who have weathered the storm with us and its great to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you

Trinity Audio