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An Update you will be happy to read!

We told you to be on the lookout for another update and here is is!_The Phantom Air is now out of colouring and is currently being packaged up, shipping will start late next week! As soon as we have them here we will get some images up of all the coloured Phantom Air's._Master 6, Hunter ,Atlas Delta and Delta are winging their way to us and we expect to start shipping sometime between Friday this week or Monday next week. Be on the look out for a very cool video showing how we heat treat the titanium Hunters to give...

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Update time

Update again!The Phantom Air is due to come out of colouring tomorrow at which time the final assembly will begin. As soon as the assembly has been done they will be moved from manufacturing to distribution points in the UK and USA and will start shipping. Shipping will be in pledge level order.Some of you seemed unsure if the charger was included and can confirm that the portable charging unit does come with them as standard.So in a little over 7 working days we will be shipping and look forward to everyones feedback.Now for the Master 6 and Hunter. The...

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Product updates

Hello to all our Customers,_Its about time for an update to let you know what has been going off here at Trinity._Some of you may know that we have made some changes to how we build our IEM's and as such we had to make some last minute changes to some of our pre-order models._Due to some minor QC issues with our Master 4 model we have had to make some drastic changes here to make sure that you all get exactly what you want an awesome sounding and well built IEM._We have just about finished our Atlas Delta, Master...

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Based on consumer feedback we have reworked our Master 4 to create the new Master IEM. We are opening our Trade-Up scheme to all Trinity Sabre, Vyrus, Master 4 and Delta V-II owners. How this works is simple, you can trade up to the new Master for a ridiculous £60.00 by entering discount code TRADEUPPROGRAM at the checkout. The great thing about our trade-up scheme is that you don't need to return your old iems, you get to keep them! Production has already started and will start shipping in March 2017.

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